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Kirtan (devotional chanting) comes out of the spiritual path of devotion from India. The path of devotion is one of the most direct routes to the inner experience of connection with God in any religion. The greatest source of love is blazing all the time in the center of our hearts but the flame is often deeply hidden under the layers of concerns that typically weigh us down. Kirtan opens the heart and allows a lightness to arise as we are filled up from within by the present moment and the energy of the chant.

Kirtan is typically chanted in a call and response format in which the leader sings a phrase and the group sings it back over and over again. The energy and pace of the chant builds according to the inspiration of the moment as the mind quiets and the heart begins to soar.

Kirtan gives us an opportunity to strip away the layers of conditioning that separate us from experiencing our naked hearts flaming with love. And, it's fun! It's not important to believe in the particular names or forms of God sung in the chants, or even to know what they mean, because the ancient sounds themselves carry the energy that brings us deep inside ourselves where our own nameless, formless connection resides. A kirtan typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, and can also include the reading of poetry and the sharing of spiritual teachings through stories and anecdotes.

Kirtan in Colorado Springs
Kirtans/Bhajans are held once a month on Friday evenings from 8.45 pm to 10.00 pm at various homes. For details contact Asha Bhandari at 719-282-3067